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 Super power, up to 1000Pa Static pressure
 Super airflow rate,exhaust the fumes in seconds
 AI smart gesture control,by waving your hand
 50dB(A) Low noise,be more quiet
● BLDC inverter motor

Why named it the super powerful range hood?

01 (2)

1.This unit can collect fumes in all directions<br /><br />
2.The negative pressure coverage expanded to close to the cooktop, the fumes will be firmly locked in the moment it rises

<br /><br />
We will never be anxious about the fume smells and grease once you got a ROBAM range hood A675S<br /><br />
4.3 times more static pressure approximately to the general rangehoods

Suitable to house kitchen,More powerful,more thoroughly<br /><br />

50dB(A) low noise,Makes cooking more quiet

AI smart gesture control, by waving your hand

Easy-to-clean oil filter

Technical Parameter

Power supply 220-240V~50-60Hz
Max static pressure 1000Pa
1000Pa 50dB(A)
Rated power input 262W
Rated main motor power input 260W
Net weight 29.8Kg


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