• Built-in oven KQWS-3350-RQ335
  • Built-in oven KQWS-3350-RQ335
  • Built-in oven KQWS-3350-RQ335
  • Built-in oven KQWS-3350-RQ335
  • Built-in oven KQWS-3350-RQ335

● Two chambers can bake independently

● Rotary knob with touch control design

● 3D hot air heating

● 36 preset recipes

● Gentle Open and Close Door staying at any angle

● 2-layer LOW-E glass for thermal protection

● Double duct oven cooling system

● Temperature Setting: 30°C – 250°C

    • High efficiency dual chambers

      Two chambers can be controlled  independently, you can bake two dishes at the same time, without worrying that the smells and tastes be transferred from one dish onto another.

    • 3D roasting tube design

      Three roasting tubes and two baking fans at the whole cavity, allowing more efficient baking functions and more precise temperature control.


    • Rotary knob with touch control design

      Classic Robam Aurora ring design, with rotary knob and touch control panel, makes the cooperation of oven more considerate.

    • Gentle open and close door

      Innovative high quality hinge design makes the door can stay at any angle, smoother and quieter than ever.

    • 36 preset recipes

      There are 36 preset recipes in the oven, and you can also put the frequently used modes and parameters into your favorites for next time use. Simply select the dish, let oven do the rest.

    • Dual-duct oven cooling system

      Double heat dissipation air duct with turbo fan make the cooling speed faster and cooling effect better. At the same time, two low-e glass reflects heat back into the oven. They help to keep the oven door cool while it is in use.

Technical Parameter

Moel KWQS-3350-RQ335
Rated Voltage 220V-240V
Rated Frequency 50Hz-60Hz
Rated Power Input 3350W
Capacity 65L
Net Weight 41kg
Dimensions(mm) WxHxD 595x595x520
Fully Cut-out Size(mm) WxHxD 600x600x565
Semi Cut-out Size(mm) WxHxD 560x590x550


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